Thursday, April 21, 2011

OOTD: I Do Not Wear Dresses

Anyone who knows me will vouch that it takes a serious event - wedding or otherwise - to get me into a dress.  Why?  Years of working with engineers and a complex over being vertically challenged has always driven me to pants.  Well, in the past several months I have seen an abundance of adorable, work-appropriate dresses make their way onto the fashion scene.  And on top of this, I've figured out that tights do not equal nylons so comfort might actually be possible when wearing a dress.  So, today is landmark day for me as I actually wore a dress to work.  I found this adorable number at Anthropologie in the lounge/sleepwear section of all places.  That's a great inside tip at Anthro, lots of cute stuff there, very reasonably priced, that I'd be shocked if anyone actually wore to bed. 

Old Navy Denim Jacket (love this!) - buy it here
Anthropologie Kind Corset Chemise - buy it here
Nordstrom Sudini Boots (circa 2010)

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