Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not What I Thought

When this jacket first came out at Anthro (Frilled Eschelons), I was obsessed with the moss color.  It was a beautiful combination of green and brown that looked like fall with ruffles.  When I actually went and tried it on, it did nothing for me - similar to when my kids would douse me with their split pea babyfood.  But the turquoise!  Gorgeous - a beautiful blue that goes with so many color combinations.  I'm also wearing one of Anthro's gorgeous stretchy, jeweled headbands here.  A must-have for the days when I can't bear the wash, dry, flat iron routine.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rockin' Some Stripes

As stated before, I've never been very good or successful at wearing dresses.  Luckily about a year ago, I discovered the sweaterdress!  What a beautiful combination of comfort and femininity, right?  Ann Taylor Loft carries some amazing petite sweater dresses and they can be mixed and matched in so many ways!  In my defiance of tights or nylons (God forbid), I am wearing the Old Navy Rockstar legging/jegging here and it's so much more comfortable than having a piece of elastic squeezing at my not-so-firm-after-three-births mid-section. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Yourself an Armadillo

As I write this post, I realize that this necklace is sold out on the Anthropologie website so, I apologize in advance!  But, I do love it!  I think it was called the Armadillo necklace and I can't tell you how well it goes with so many different types of tops!  Specifically the Banded Ripples tee by Bordeaux.  I now own this in the ivory color as well as purple - it has become my go-to top for days when nothing else is coming together.  I highly recommend snatching one up before they are gone, like an armadillo into in his shell.  (Okay, that was bad.)

Friday, October 14, 2011

5th Grade Revival

I think it was somewhere around 5th grade that I got a pair of awesome red overalls (a.smiles for those of you that remember that brand) from my mom for Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately, being in Catholic grade school I could not immediately don them and wear them to school but, those babies were on the minute I walked in the door.  So, when colored denim came back in style this year, I was all about the red.  Here are a pair of Pilcro's from Anthropologie paired with a kinda blazer/shrug/something also from Anthro. 

Summer Lovin'

Growing up we were obsessed with Grease.  I used to dream about wearing black spandex and a leather jacket with blonde hair out to there.  I may not have succeeded on Olivia Newton John's epic outfit but at least I got the blonde part right.  Below you'll see a couple of my fave's from this summer - Splendid tank from the Rack that was a steal, my Old Navy jean jacket that goes with everything, an Old Navy chevron skirt that was the last on the rack, and the amazing Jennifer Aniston knock-off sandals from Steve Madden.  I love bargain shopping skills!

Love Me Some Precious Metals

Wow - I have not been good about updating this blog at all.  So, there's going to be an onslaught of OOTD's!  Here's a fav of mine from Anthro - the Precious Metals cardigan. Scored this on sale and has been worth every single penny...goes with everything!  Paired it with an awesome tank (also Anthro but can't recall the name), some Loft skinnies, and black Nine West wedges.  Easy peasy, go-to, outfit!

Friday, April 22, 2011

OOTD: I'm No Slouch (Well, Kind Of)

The whole slouchy, baggy, boxy trend that has been all over Anthro and other stores has been a hard one for me to figure out.  Mostly because being on the small side, I tend to be overwhelmed in these styles and look like I'm wearing a bag.  But this little diddy I found at Nordstrom, from Splendid, and is the softest, most comfortable, perfect for Friday, top.  It's kind of hard to see but it's got subtle horizontal stripes going across it and it's also nicely fitted at the bottom so you don't feel swallowed up in it.  I paired it with my favorite boyfriend T from Frenchi (also Nordstrom) and a cheap-o necklace from Forever 21 (you have to love their prices)!

Splendid Top - buy it here
Jolt Jeans - buy it here (best jeans EVER)
Forever 21 necklace