Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not What I Thought

When this jacket first came out at Anthro (Frilled Eschelons), I was obsessed with the moss color.  It was a beautiful combination of green and brown that looked like fall with ruffles.  When I actually went and tried it on, it did nothing for me - similar to when my kids would douse me with their split pea babyfood.  But the turquoise!  Gorgeous - a beautiful blue that goes with so many color combinations.  I'm also wearing one of Anthro's gorgeous stretchy, jeweled headbands here.  A must-have for the days when I can't bear the wash, dry, flat iron routine.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rockin' Some Stripes

As stated before, I've never been very good or successful at wearing dresses.  Luckily about a year ago, I discovered the sweaterdress!  What a beautiful combination of comfort and femininity, right?  Ann Taylor Loft carries some amazing petite sweater dresses and they can be mixed and matched in so many ways!  In my defiance of tights or nylons (God forbid), I am wearing the Old Navy Rockstar legging/jegging here and it's so much more comfortable than having a piece of elastic squeezing at my not-so-firm-after-three-births mid-section.